Turn data into wisdom…
and work wonders.

Work Wonders.
Principa is a data analytics, consulting and software company based in Cape Town, South Africa. We derive data insights and develop data-driven strategies that inspire and lead to innovation and profitable decisions.

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Follow us during the Rugby World Cup as our Data Scientists predict the results.

We’ve signed up two internal teams of data scientists onto sports prediction site SuperBru.com as an exercise to put theory into play in this year’s Rugby World Cup.

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Data-Driven Credit Risk Management solutions that enable responsible lending and cost-effective collections.

Our Credit Risk Management solutions are helping companies increase profitability and minimise risk while lending responsibly to a growing African middle class. We’re helping them work wonders.

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Data-Driven Marketing Solutions that improve how you acquire, retain and grow your best customers.

We’re helping companies innovate and outperform their competition by using data-driven strategies to acquire, retain and grow their ideal customers, and improve their customer experience. We’re helping them work wonders.

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Whom we've helped

Since day one, we've been helping companies provide credit responsibly and profitably to South African consumers. Since then we've extended our data analytics services to other territories and industries to serve over 150 companies in 30 countries in Africa, Middle East and Europe.