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Call Connect


Predict right time to call customers or debtors with Machine Learning as a Service.

Know the best number and time to call

Genius Call Connect uses our Genius Artificial Intelligence engine to generate a list of optimal time of day to call each of your customers or debtors and the best number to reach them on.

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Genius Call Connect is a Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) offering that makes use of our Genius Artificial Intelligence engine to enrich contact details and analytically calculate the probabilities for Right-Party-Connect (RPC) and Right-Time-To-Call (RTTC).

Genius Call Connect improves connection rates by answering the questions “When am I most likely to reach each debtor?” and “What number is the best to use to reach each of them?”.

We’ll run your list of customer accounts through our Genius Artificial Intelligence engine for the answers.

Then, prioritise calls by the time of day when they are most likely to answer a call.

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Knowing the time most likely to reach a debtor means:

Better prioritisation of accounts

Reduced telephone costs

Fewer unnecessary calls to customers or debtors

Increased conversion rates

Improved Right-Person-Connect means:

Increased contact rates

Increased conversion rates

Using Genius Call Connect as Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) means:

No additional infrastructure costs or headcount

Connect to multiple data sources

Quick time to value

Lower total cost of ownership

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Prioritise your calls by best time to call and best number

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Genius Call Connect delivers the following:

  1. Enhanced contact numbers (up to 4 numbers)
  2. A Propensity to Connect indicator (PTC indicator) and Right-Time-to-Call indicator (RTTC Indicator) for all numbers.

PTC and RTTC indicators will be expressed as a % and RTTC indicators will be divided into “Morning”, “Afternoon” and “Weekend”.


Genius Call Connect

Genius Call Connect can be customised for your unique requirements. We offer monthly based pricing for use of Genius Call Connect as a Machine Learning as a Service subscription service.

The details

Integration Service: Integration to core system.

Internal dialler and system data required

Require: Data spec

Output: Contactibility indicator per number, Contactibility indicator (Propensity to Connect, RTTC) per time frame - Morning, Afternoon, Weekend and propensity to pay if RPC.

Prioritise your calls by
best time to call and best number

Contact us to discuss how we can help you improve agent effectiveness and connection rates while decreasing call centre costs with Genius Call Connect.