Geo-location Data Management Platform


Dramatically improve ad targeting
and open up new revenue opportunities.

Geo-location based insights for Marketers and Publishers

MarketWise Data Management Platform provides both online advertisers / marketers and online publishers with valuable user demographic data based on their after-hours browsing location.

MarketWise is a data management platform that enhances audience behavioural data with geo-location data to enable more precise and effective ad targeting.

Would you like to target only users in a particular suburb or EA (Enumeration Area)? Car owners? LSM 8 – 9? Users with children? No problem! MarketWise enables you to choose these attributes for your campaign and target your online ads to users with those attributes you’ve selected.

MarketWise’s ability to tag users from their after-hours browsing location and link that cookie to a specific EA enables advertisers to identify users’ LSMs based on their residential location.

With MarketWise, advertisers and marketers are able to target ad impressions to specific audiences based on LSM and demographic properties. What’s more, Publishers can open up new revenue opportunities by enabling MarketWise smart tags on their site to capture geo-location data.

Advertisers and Marketers

With MarketWise, advertisers and marketers are able to target ad impressions to specific audiences based on LSM and demographic properties.

MarketWise uses time and place of access to a site to link online users to their residencial suburb and the suburb’s corresponding  LSM and demographic properties.

MarketWise Data Management Platform is an online audience aggregator of your primed and most likely buyers based on LSM, browsing history and 3rd party data. ​

Using geo-location analytics, MarketWise traces, tags and tracks your ideal audience and enables you to place your online ads right before their eyes no matter what website they are browsing across any platform.​

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Publications, News sites and E-commerce Sites

High-traffic site owners are able to open up new revenue streams by embedding MarketWise commission generating tags on their site.

For high traffic websites reliant on advertising revenue, MarketWise can open up an additional revenue generating stream with little cost or effort required.

MarketWise relies on “smart tags” to associate geo-location data with a specific user and share insights with advertisers. By simply embedding MarketWise smart tags on your site that tag users for tracking, you will a receive commission payment from MarketWise for every user that is tagged by MarketWise.

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For High-traffic site owners

  • Maximise the return on your assets by unlocking additional revenue opportunities
  • Increase advertising sales by verifying your audience demographics with geo-location data from MarketWise
  • Increase site usage by increasing the relevance of your content as you increase your understanding of your audience demographics.

For Advertisers and Marketers

  • Improve ad targeting by enhancing behavioural data with geo-location data and associated LSM attributes
  • Reduce wasted click spend from users outside your target audience
  • Increase click rates and conversion rates by displaying your ad campaign to those you’ve identified as most likely to respond to your offer and buy​

Track and trace your audience with geo-location data

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