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Customer Analytics


We'll help you understand your customers, segment them, and engage with them in a more relevant and effective manner that will improve the profitability of your business.

We use data to help you better understand your customers.

We use data - yours and 3rd party data - to draw customer insights and provide answers that will optimise your Customer Engagement strategies.

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There are 3 components to how we achieve this, outlined below.

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1. Strategy: Challenges to meet

Depending on the size and maturity of your business, we will work within or refresh your existing strategy framework or even help you build a new one. We’ll review your strategy and tactical campaign objectives to determine what questions we must focus on answering and what data sources are needed. Typical questions our data analysis can answer are:

  • Who are my customers?
  • What are my customers interested in?
  • How can I ensure that I offer them relevant information and products?
  • What channel do my customers prefer being contacted on?
  • Who is likely to churn?
  • How can I improve customer retention?
  • Which customers are dormant but likely to re-activate if I engage with them appropriately?
  • How can I deepen the relationship? (increase frequency and volume)
  • How can I broaden the relationship? (increase variety of products bought)

2. Data to enable

We’ll identify and source the right data required to answer those business critical questions regarding your customers, prospects, pricing and product offering.

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Determine LSM and affordability based on insolvency, debt review, payment profile

Refine segmentation with personal information collected from the customers via application forms, surveys or competitions used to identify customer segments

Determine the best channel to use for engaging with your prospects or customers. Channel preference can be derived from historical response behaviour

Use transaction data to determine Customer Lifetime Value, product preferences, propensity to respond, propensity to churn

Analysis of website data can identify recency and frequency of activity, as well as product preferences

Reveal general interests based on browser activity on like-for-like customer segments

Infographic: Data-Driven Marketing

New to data-driven marketing? Check out our infographic to learn more about the questions to ask and the data sources to consider.

View the infographic

3. Analytics applied

We’ll feed the relevant data into our Genius analytic engine to extract customer insights that will help you enhance customer understanding and refine your strategy and tactics.

Learn about our Genius Insights-as-a-Service offering.

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Drive higher levels of engagement and ROI

Contact us to discuss your customer engagement objectives and see how data can help you optimise your strategy.

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Benefits of data-driven strategies

  • Retain and grow your profitable customers
  • Target and acquire new profitable customers
  • Selectively win back profitable, good-fit lapsed customers
  • Maximise your share of wallet with customers through increasing weight of purchase, frequency of purchase, basket size and upsell
  • Determine the most relevant promotional offer per customer based on their customer segmentation, location and purchase history
  • Improve your marketing effectiveness and marketing ROI by leveraging insights gained from marketing campaigns run across various touch points
  • Match customer profiles with the right offering, at the right time to improve the success rate of up-sell and cross-sell promotions and increase spend per customer across various stores
  • Increase the relevance and timeliness of your promotional offers to grow your share of Customer.

Additional consulting services

Our Customer Analytics Consulting services provide the data insights and answers to optimise your customer engagement strategy and improve ROI.

Current State Assessment & Data Validation
Assessment of Customer Loyalty and Retention Process, Strategy, Technology and Data
Analysis & Insights
Automated analysis tool with KPI dashboards and bespoke analytics projects
Customer Understanding
Behavioural Segmentation Basket and Mission based segmentation Value segmentation
Customer Engagement Execution
Identify and quantify key behavioural markers, and develop right mix of education, activities and incentives

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