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Customer Acquisition


Develop and manage a solid data-driven marketing strategy to acquire customers more cost-effectively.

Make smarter marketing decisions

We apply the science of data analytics to improve your Lead Generation and  Customer Acquisition campaigns. Our analysts and consultants will help you identify and target your ideal customers, and convert and on-board them efficiently and effectively.

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Our customer acquisition consultants offer a range of services from diagnostics on your current approach, backed with recommendations that suit your budget, all the way through to a full data-driven segmentation design incorporating tailored actions and channel strategy.

The key objective in all our existing customer engagements is to help your business design, track and improve the return on its marketing investment.

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We’ll use data insights to help you:

  • Increase your marketing campaign contact, response and activation rates
  • Reduce cost of acquisition and retention by selecting leads by quality and probability of response
  • Reduce dilution of brand by reducing non-take-ups
  • Segment offers to ensure relevance and improve take-up and engagement
  • Identify the most effective channels and constantly improve returns
  • Improve your customers’ experience to earn customer loyalty and increase spend

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Results achieved

Unsecured Credit

Opened 1.2M unsecured credit accounts last 3 years within agreed risk thresholds at 5%+ activation rate. Leading provider of leads to the retail credit industry.


Generated an estimated R100M additional premium income for an insurance client last 3 years by doubling their activation rate.


Currently supporting the fastest growing telco in an outsourcing test, outperforming the competition by a factor of 2X on activation rate.

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Let's develop a data-driven strategy for your new-business marketing.

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Customer Acquisition Consulting

Data Insights
Assess and define a plan around the collection and use of customer data within your business.
Customer Segmentation
Use an analytical approach to understanding your customers - by value, habits and or persona, and use this to inform your customer strategy and communications.
Strategy Design
Use data to design practical strategies and relevant treatment plans that improve retention and increase profitability.
Customer Journey Mapping
Understand the key customer experience touch-points, and plan and implement changes to processes that will encourage primacy and growth.
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“We have experienced positive results from Principa’s analytics expertise, ability and turnaround times which have translated into higher lead responses, conversions and retentions.”

Blue Label Data Solutions

Let's develop a data-driven strategy
for your new business Marketing

Let's sit and discuss your lead generation challenges, objectives and data sources. We'll let you know what data analytics and supplementary data sources can do to give your customer acquisition campaigns a boost.

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