Collections Predictions


Use Machine Learning to provide accurate predictions of yield forecasts.

Use Machine Learning to accurately predict collection results.

Use Prosperity Collections Predictions to accurately predict collections results and identify remedial areas.

A critical success factor for collection operations is the ability to accurately predict month-end outcomes.

Imagine if you easily could.


Imagine if you could also identify where the areas of concern are, how these will affect month-end results, and determine what operational metric to focus on to remedy.

What would you do with that information to lift your collection rates and yields?

Data Driven Dashboard with real-time insights

Prosperity for Collections Predictions is our operational collections predictor for Debt Collection Agencies, Retail Credit Lenders and Specialised Lenders.

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Use Machine Learning to answer critical questions

Prosperity for Collections Predictions uses historic data and advanced algorithms within a Machine Learning environment to provide Credit Risk professionals and Operations Managers with answers to the following key questions:


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How much cash will the business collect for the current month vs. budget?

To achieve budget, what are the key performance metrics targets broken down to granular level?

Are my collection and recovery targets feasible, challenging or realistic?

Which portfolios are under pressure to reach budget?

What are the most / least successful portfolios in terms of yield?

What are the problem areas in terms of segment and performance metric that must be focused on?

Prosperity features

  • Graphically plots overall cash / yield / key collections metrics predictions at the beginning of the month and intra-month against targets
  • Graphically plots all key performance metrics against targets
  • Key performance metrics are RAG’ed to aid the investigation journey
  • Tracks performance of any segment of the collections and company structure
  • Updates all projections daily based on new available data
  • Pinpoints problem areas where the collection call centre is not meeting targets
  • Allows for the input of the collections budget and determines required segment level key performance metric targets
  • Runs performance measure on key collections metrics, e.g. Payments, Yield%, Worked%, Paid%, Connect%, RPC% (Right Party Connect), PTP% (Promise to Pay) and Kept%
  • User security profiles to restrict user access

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Collections Prediction Benefits

Predict month-end financial and operational results
Prosperity delivers accurate monthly performance predictions

Ensure targets are attainable
Prosperity sets and validates operational and performance targets

Detect problem areas early
Prosperity provides early identification of problem areas in the collections environment to improve results

Let's pro-actively boost your collections results!
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