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Customer Retention & Re-activation


Use Machine Learning to identify which profitable customers are most likely to churn or are worth re-activating.

Predict customer churn, retain and re-activate profitable customers.

Customers leave for a number of reasons and in reality, most but not all, are worth going after.

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By using Principa’s analytically driven Genius Retention & Re-activation Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS), you can pre-empt departure and based on individual profitability to date and their potential, mathematically assign the appropriate effort required to keep them or re-activate them. Genius Customer Retention & Re-activation analyses your customer data and overlays it with 3rd party data to provide you with the best prediction of which of your profitable customers are most likely to churn.

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Using Genius Customer Retention & Re-activation helps you:

  • Identify customers worth retaining or re-activating
  • Maximise profitability by offering discounts or special offers only to profitable customers most likely to churn
  • Increase Marketing ROI through improved targeting

Drawing on Machine Learning as a Service means:

  • No infrastructure costs
  • Speed to market
  • No IT involvement

Reduce Customer Churn, Retain
and Re-activate Profitable Customers

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