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Customer Growth


Genius Customer Growth enables marketers to target those customers most likely to respond to a cross-sell or up-sell offering.

Increase customer profitability and Marketing ROI.

All businesses are faced with the ongoing challenge of how to identify customers with the best potential for growth, what to offer them and when to do so.

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Those who address this challenge also need to ensure that growth campaigns are measured and are constantly evolving to ensure they bring sustainable benefit.

Genius for Customer Growth uses complex statistical models supported by effective and light touch tech to deal with both of these critical requirements.

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Targeting those most likely to take up your offer results in the following benefits:

  • Retain and grow your profitable customers
  • Maximise your share of wallet with customers through increasing weight of purchase, frequency of purchase, basket size and upsell
  • Improve the success rate of upsell and cross-sell promotions
  • Increase Marketing ROI through improved targeting

Drawing on Machine Learning as a Service provides the following benefits:

  • No infrastructure costs
  • Speed to market
  • No IT involvement

Genius Customer Growth: How it works

Genius Customer Growth is a Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) offering that uses our Genius Artificial Intelligence engine to generate usable insights to help you understand and scientifically grow your customer base. We run your customer database through our Genius Artificial Intelligence engine to identify which customers are most likely to take-up your offers based on affordability and purchase history.

Diagram: Genius Customer Growth recommendation analytics engine for cross-sell and upsell

Grow your Customer profitability

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