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Profiled Consumer Leads

Genius Leads

A rental MLaaS tool to profile the best-fit consumer leads for your contact centre.

Improve take-up rates by targeting profiled leads most likely to respond to your campaign

Apply advanced analytics to identify the leads that match your preferred customer profile and who have a higher probability of response.

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Principa Genius Leads is a POPI compliant provision service of South African consumer leads. We use advanced analytics to optimise lists of new or existing marketing leads, so you target those profiled as most likely to respond to your campaign – improving campaign take-up and long-term customer profitability.

We offer the following two Genius Leads options in delivering optimal marketing leads list for your campaigns:

New POPI compliant Consumer Leads

We will take the full South African population and use our Genius Engine to find the segments that best match your ideal customer profile. This is a combination of the right behavioural fit and those with the highest likelihood of responding to your offer.

Existing Marketing Leads Re-fresh

Should you have an existing database of leads, we will run your existing leads through our Genius Engine to refresh the leads – updating contact details and profiling them by quality, behavioural fit and the likelihood of responding to your offer – allowing your business to decide whom to prioritise for action and what to offer them.

Using Genius Leads requires SACRRA membership and a contact centre that can handle large volumes of leads. We work with a minimum list size of 100,000.

Why Genius Leads?

  • Access to several data sources from across the South African marketplace
  • Data cleansing, data mining and contact enrichmentv
  • System capabilities assessment and recommended improvements from within existing architecture and system capabilities
  • Testing of different campaigns and approaches and report-backs on results
  • A complete feedback loop through response, take-up and conversion. Our cross-channel reach allows us to test and compare the cost of acquisition to constantly challenge and drive improved returns from your new business budget
  • Evolution of product, communication and contact strategy through test and learn approach
  • Customised analytical models that help you reach and convert the right people


  • Increase your campaign response rates
  • Reduce cost of acquisition by excluding undesirable and unresponsive leads
  • Reduce dilution of brand by reducing non take-ups
  • Segment offers to ensure relevance and improve take-up
  • Identify the most effective channels and constantly improve returns

FAQs on Genius Leads

We answer all the questions you have about Genius Leads!

Read the Genius Leads FAQs

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“Principa has been our preferred analytics service provider for a number of years and has made a significant contribution to our volume growth during this time.

We have experienced positive results from their analytics expertise, ability and turnaround times which have translated into higher lead responses, conversions and retentions.”

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