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Highly Targeted Marketing Audiences


South-African display advertising audience database that you can segment granularly at an economic, lifestyle and demographic level.

Improve click-through and conversion rates by targeting your display ad campaigns by LSM and geo-location attributes.

MarketWise has partnered with South Africa’s biggest publishers to enable you to serve the right ad to the right people, through powerful analytics and location based insights.

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MarketWise’s database of millions of South African consumers is segmented at a granular demographic, economic and geographic level, allowing advertisers to serve
display campaigns effectively.

MarketWise can enhance audience behavioural data by segment consumers based on:

  • LSM,
  • race,
  • language,
  • income bracket, and more.

With MarketWise, advertisers and marketers are able to target ad impressions to specific audiences. Advertisers can select a MarketWise data pool to meet their campaign targeting needs, e.g. high LSM, lives in affluent areas, likely to have children. MarketWise then simply embeds the data within their online campaigns. The net result is that digital advertising will only be displayed to the selected data pool thus improving targeting and eliminating campaigns going to the wrong audience based solely on behavioural data. The result – vastly improved campaign ROI due to targeting of real people.

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  • Improve display ad targeting by enhancing behavioural data with geo-location data and associated LSM attributes
  • Reduce wasted click spend from users outside your target audience
  • Increase click rates and conversion rates by displaying your ad campaign to those you’ve identified as most likely to respond to your offer and buy​
  • Available across all major demand-side platforms, including DoubleClick Bid Manager, Facebook, Twitter, MediaMath and more, allowing you to run campaigns on multiple platforms

FAQs on MarketWise

We answer all the questions you have on MarketWise!

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How MarketWise Increased CTR by 400% and Conversion Rate by 153% for a Major South African Insurance Provider

A South African direct short-term insurer and financial services company were looking to optimise their targeting and increase the conversion rate of their digital display ad campaigns.

They turned to Principa and MarketWise.

Our client ran side-by-side campaigns using DoubleClick Bid Manager and MarketWise audiences for six months. The campaigns were focused on prospecting new clients, and both campaigns were using the same creative with an online quote as the CTA. A conversion would thus be considered as the completion of an online quotation request. A lookback window of 90 days was used to track post-click and post-view conversions.
Based on the target audience demographics of our client, we built several targeted segments from our MarketWise audience.

And the results are in.

MarketWise outperformed DoubleClick Bid Manager audiences with a 400% increase in click-through rate and a 153% increase in conversion rate.

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