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Products represented by Ada after Ada Lovelace, mathematician and first computer programmer. Representas innovation and software and analytical products.

Highly Targeted Display Advertising Audiences


Get personal: Build effective, highly targeted campaigns with real-world audiences

People based marketing for Digital Marketers and Advertisers

MarketWise provides digital marketers with a powerful analytical data solution to better target their campaigns.

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MarketWise’s database of millions of South African consumers can be segmented to tailor audiences for your brand. With MarketWise, you target real people who want to hear your message. MarketWise can enhance audience behavioural data by segment consumers based on:

  • LSM,
  • race,
  • language, and
  • income bracket.

By targeting ads based on user demographics and lifestyle, ads can be tailored for more successful campaigns with decreased total ad spend.

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  • Improve display ad targeting by enhancing behavioural data with geo-location data and associated LSM attributes
  • Reduce wasted click spend from users outside your target audience
  • Increase click rates and conversion rates by displaying your ad campaign to those you’ve identified as most likely to respond to your offer and buy​
  • Available across all major demand-side platforms, including DoubleClick Bid Manager, Facebook, Twitter, MediaMath and more, allowing you to run campaigns on multiple platforms

Working Wonders with MarketWise

How MarketWise Increased Conversion Rate for a Major Insurance Provider

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Advertisers and Marketers

With MarketWise, advertisers and marketers are able to target ad impressions to specific audiences based on LSM and demographic properties. Advertisers can select a MarketWise data pool to meet their campaign targeting needs, e.g. high LSM, lives in affluent areas, likely to have children. MarketWise then simply embeds the data within their online campaigns. The net result is that digital advertising will only be displayed to the selected data pool thus improving targeting and eliminating campaigns going to the wrong audience based solely on behavioural data. The result – vastly improved campaign ROI due to targeting of real people.

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