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Demographic Data Analytics Platform for Publishers


Great audience insights make for popular websites

Demographic and lifestyle based insights for Digital-Savvy Publishers

For most digital-savvy publishers, audience metrics are critical tools not just for increasing traffic but for planning future content and successfully selling ad space.

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But access to audience metrics are limited and while you know how many visitors come to your site, and how often, do you know who they really are?

With MarketWise Data Analytics you can track:

  • User location,
  • Demographics,
  • Income, and
  • Lifestyle

By tracking these audience metrics, your content can be tailored to suit your audience demographics, increasing traffic to your website and retaining higher ad revenue, with more relevant ads served.

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  • Understand your audience better with demographic and lifestyle data analytics
  • Increase site usage by increasing the relevance of your content as you increase your understanding of your audience demographics
  • Increase advertising sales by verifying your audience demographics with data from MarketWise

Understand your audience with demographic data

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Publications and E-commerce Sites

MarketWise uses smart tags within your website to determine the profile of your digital browser. Information relating to the profile of your digital users is displayed in a dashboard showing trends relating to demographics, location, lifestyle segments, financial status and more.

This information can be used to model content to certain demographics, or if you sell products or services on your website, will give a clear understanding of your targeted audience. The data gathered will also allow for more targeted ads to be served on your website, allowing for an improved user experience, and increased ad revenue.

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