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Credit Risk

Affordability Modelling

Use Affordability Modelling to improve the profitability of your account origination and management process.

Ensure compliance and make profitable account decisions.

There are a variety of challenges that business face with respect to affordability.

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The first is ensuring compliance.

The second is to utilise affordability models within risk decisions.

The third is the deployment of affordability and the easy maintenance (given that the models effectively change annually).

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Services offered

Principa have built a variety of affordability models across different industries and have helped businesses bring affordability into originations and account-management decisions.

Our deep credit IP acquired over almost 20 years of providing advisory  services to financial services companies in Africa, Europe and the Middle East enables us to help you build accurate and flexible affordability models using international best practices.

Our offering consists of:

  • Compliant model builds
  • Risk-related affordability models
  • Deployment of affordability through Principa’s decision engine DecisionSmart.

Make more profitable decisions

Leverage almost 20 years of credit risk expertise to increase the profitability of your credit decisions.
Contact us for pricing on our services and to find out more about how we can help you achieve compliance and make more profitable decisions.

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