SmartSuite Credit Risk Management Software

Our credit risk management software products reduce risk and improve profitability by streamlining processes, increasing efficiency, and automating data-driven decision making across the credit lifecycle.

SmartSuite Lifecycle representing the Smart products and across which lifecycle they function

Principa’s Smartsuite Credit Risk Management software products provide process automation and decision management support across the Loan Acquisitions, Origination, Account Management and Collections & Recovery phases of the Credit Lifecycle.

The SmartSuite product set

Loan Origination
AppSmart is a loan origination system that automates the originations and credit-risk evaluation of individual consumer applications.
Credit Bureau Data Hub
BureauSmart is a credit bureau data hub created to help you get the most out of credit bureau data at a lower cost. Optimise the use of bureau data, integrate previously acquired bureau data, and acquire bureau data online in real-time.
Business Rules Management System
DecisionSmart enables business analysts or credit risk consultants to capture all types of additive scorecards using a graphical user interface (GUI) and calculates scores based on the user-defined scorecards in real-time or in batch.
Debt Collection Software
CollectSmart is a powerful, modular, enterprise-wide debt collection management system that combines business controlled segmentation with the allocation of appropriate and differentiated actions to individual customer profiles - all accessed via an easy-to-use interface.
Smart Universe showing how each SmartSuite product works with the others

SmartSuite’s product set works in unison to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your credit approval, account management and collections process.


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