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Artificial Intelligence Chatbot


Use Artificial Intelligence to offer self-service help options for your customers.

The always-on consumer expects a personalised experience

Thanks to Facebook, Whatsapp & Slack, to name but a few, Instant Messaging is the fastest growing channel of communication globally. This exponential increase in engagement with Instant Messaging represents a radical change in the world’s mentality towards a customer’s elevated expectations of a brand

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Why Atura?

  • Atura is flexible and customisable which allows your bot to assume your brand’s persona.
  • Atura’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems differentiates it from the majority of other bots.
    • Agent takeover – a critical feature of any chatbot – Atura has a very effective mechanism in place for the transition from bot to agent.
    • Secure user authentication – opens up a world of transactional capabilities.
  • Atura has a powerful form engine – it accurately & consistently, collates then translates chat data into a usable & productionised form.
  • Atura’s sophisticated AI allows your bot to recall the thread of the initial conversation, which means no frustrating repetition for the client, whilst the bot is able to frame its response in the context of the most recent comment.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Self-Service AI Chatbot, Atura

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  • Smooths path to purchase
  • Improved customer experience
  • Personalised customer service
  • Speedy complaint resolution
  • 24/7/365 availability
  • Consistent messaging

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Atura is:

  • Agnostic of multiple devices – widget can be accessed via mobile, tablet and PC.
  • Easy to engage with as requires no app installation.
  • Extremely secure— highest standards of encryption are implemented to meet exacting standards provided by the Financial Services industry.
  • Seamless in agent handover – complete “chats” are transitioned from the bot to a contact centre agent the instant a customer requests it.

Technical Specifications

Atura is made up of a collection of components based on the Microsoft Azure environment:

  • App Services—hosts bot and service desk (if required)
  • Function App—reads messages from the Service Bus and sends them to the database and conversation archives
  • Key Vault – stores keys and secrets securely
  • App Insights—stores logs and is used to assist when debugging issues
  • Cosmos DB—stores metadata associated with the bot
  • Table Store— stores end-user conversations
  • Service Bus Topics—receives and propagates chat messages flowing through the system ensuring none get lost.

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Atura Architecture

  • Every client environment is associated with an isolated Microsoft Azure resource group.
  • Each AI assistant is fully customized to meet the client’s needs and can be exposed over many channels—Facebook Messenger or Slack, for example—or over a Javascript-based embedded webchat widget.

Atura architecture

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