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Call Centre Virtual Assistant

Agent X

Use AI to deliver powerful data-driven insights to call centre agents.

Drive positive call outcomes, reduce agent turnover, improve team motivation

Agent X not only guides and supports agents during calls, but motivates and inspires high performance via an engaging, dynamic and intuitive interface.

Agent X is a call center virtual assistant that brings together AI, machine learning, gamification and human behavioural science to link your call centre agents with analytics and data-driven decisions. Agent X virtual assistant provides your agents with the right customer and account information at the right time to drive improved call outcomes. Details are presented in an engaging manner to ensure instant comprehension of the critical information. Agent X also motivates agents with real-time progress tracking against their targets.  

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Improved call outcomes

Agent X virtual assistant provides your agents with the right information at the right time to engage with customers and achieve successful call outcomes.

Light technical footprint

Low integration, configuration and maintenance requirements, thus minimising the cost of ownership.

Improved motivation

Agent X motivates agents by delivering real-time performance tracking for each agent.

Improved personalisation

Agent X provides agents with recommendations specific to the customer on the call, therefore, virtually assists agents to understand and connect better with customers.

Lower agent turnover

Agent X helps keep agents motivated with encouraging messages based on real-time performance tracking to target, as well as improved call experience.

Lower training requirements

Agent X provides agents with relevant on-going guidance and recommendations during each call.

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Achieve better call outcomes with Agent X Call Centre Virtual Assistant.
Give your call centre agents the power of analytical insights.

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  • Agent X has a clear interface and hovers over open applications
  • Analytics software to run decision models
  • Intuitive and dynamic user experience
  • Personalised KPI dashboard that updates after every call
  • Live feeds of data-driven recommendations and actions for each call based on customer profile and interaction history
  • Icons change with real-time data
  • Agents can click on icons to display further detail
  • Flexible and configurable to specific call centre requirements

Technical Specifications

Light integration in the form of APIs are required between the file that sits behind Agent X and the respective input systems. Irrespective of the refresh rates of the source data, Agent X will pull data on demand via automatic triggers (e.g. dialler) or manual user prompts from front-end systems.

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Principa’s Agent X platform has two main components:

  • The proprietary machine learning engine runs seamlessly in the background and is agnostic of any operational systems, to deliver analytical insights to the virtual assistant;
  • The virtual assistant is deployed as a user interface that hovers over all applications and remains in the foreground “on top” of any case management system.

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Improve call outcomes and agent motivation with Agent X Call Centre Virtual Assistant.
Give your call centre agents the power of data-driven insights.

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