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Wisdome Training Courses

All eLearning courses are offered through a progressive and innovative platform that makes the learning experience rewarding, easy to manage and improves the probability of a successful outcome.

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Our modern, mobile corporate learning platform changes and inspires individuals through learning methods and technologies that optimise and accelerate the learning process using four key methods:

  • Microlearning
  • On-demand learning
  • Re-iterative learning
  • Incentivised learning

Learn more about our platform here. We are currently in the process of converting all of our trusted classroom training seminar material into online eLearning courses.

Platform utilisation pricing per active user is based on a sliding scale, with the first 25 users free.

Collections & Recoveries Courses

A short course introducing trainees to most of the key topics that every collections agent needs to know to become a skilled collector.
These topics include the credit lifecycle and its stages, the different stages of collections, the key objectives of collections, the key drivers of collections, communications behaviours, the six rules for effective communication, negotiation skills and how they are applied in collections and how to create a best practice call structure.

This course is aimed at collections agents. There are no prerequisites, but some familiarity with collections is recommended.

Course pricing: R9 100 per month (first 25 users included)
This course covers the credit life cycle, the objectives and key drivers of collections, the operational aspects of a collections call centre and empowers delegates with theoretical aspects of telephone calls (behaviours), enables the delegate to structure and control a telephone conversation as well as how to negotiate with a client.

There are no prerequisites to take this course but is recommended for team leads and management in a collection environment.

Course pricing: R9 100 per month (first 25 users included)
DebiCheck, a new type of debit order, is due to be implemented in 2019 due to the continuous debit order abuse taking place in South Africa.
Our course aims to introduce any employee at a company utilising debit order payment options to DebiCheck.

There are no prerequisites to take this course.

Course pricing: R4 300 per month (first 25 users included)

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