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Geo-location based Ad Targeting


Dramatically improve ad targeting and marketing ROI with geo-location data

Geo-location based insights for Digital Marketers and Advertisers

Marketwise provides digital marketers with a powerful analytical data solution to better understand their digital customers.

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Marketwise is a data management platform that enhances audience behavioural data with geo-location data to enable more precise and effective ad targeting.

How it works

Marketwise uses smart tags embedded in participating Marketwise websites to determine browsing users’ home location. This location is linked to analytically profiled data within Marketwise that predicts demographics, financial status and lifestyle segments and many more user characteristics related to the browsing user. This allows marketers and advertisers to better target their advertising efforts to achieve the highest response rates.


For Advertisers and Marketers:

  • Improve ad targeting by enhancing behavioural data with geo-location data and associated LSM attributes
  • Reduce wasted click spend from users outside your target audience
  • Increase click rates and conversion rates by displaying your ad campaign to those you’ve identified as most likely to respond to your offer and buy​

For High-traffic site owners:

  • Increase advertising sales by verifying your audience demographics with geo-location data from Marketwise
  • Increase site usage by increasing the relevance of your content as you increase your understanding of your audience demographics.

Track and trace your audience with geo-location data

Contact us to discuss how Marketwise geo-location data can improve your ad targeting and increase your campaign ROI.

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Advertisers and Marketers

With Marketwise, advertisers and marketers are able to target ad impressions to specific audiences based on LSM and demographic properties.

Marketwise is a database of thousands of browser records that can be used by advertisers to better target their messages to their respective audiences.

Advertisers can select a Marketwise data pool to meet their campaign targeting needs, e.g. high LSM, lives in affluent areas, likely to have children. Marketwise then simply embeds the data within their online campaigns. The net result is that digital advertising will only be displayed to the selected data pool thus improving targeting and eliminating campaigns going to the wrong audience. The result – vastly improved campaign ROI due to targeting of real people

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Publications and E-commerce Sites

Marketwise uses smart tags within your website to determine the profile of your digital browser. Information relating to the profile of your digital users is displayed in a dashboard showing trends relating to demographics, location, lifestyle segments, financial status and more.

In addition, as part of the Marketwise data universe, your digital revenues are likely to grow due to your users being selected by advertisers for digital campaigns.

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