Risk Classifier


Use Machine Learning to enhance debtor strategy based on propensity to pay or to roll.

Boost collection yields and reduce operational costs.

Prioritise and segment calls by probability to pay or roll. Genius Risk Classifier applies Machine Learning to your list of debtor accounts and overlays it with 3rd party data to generate a list of debtors with a high-propensity to pay.

Genius Risk Classifier is a Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) offering that uses our Genius Artificial Intelligence engine to identify the accounts most likely to roll and those most likely to pay at any given time.


Genius Risk Classifier uses analytical models and 3rd party data to score, segment and rank your accounts by likelihood of settling their accounts.

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Benefits of Genius Risk Classifier 

Knowing which accounts are most likely to pay or roll, allow your call centre agents to:

  • Prioritise calls
  • Determine the best treatment for each account
  • Achieve higher collection yields
  • Decrease operational costs by increasing caller efficiency and effectiveness

Drawing on Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) means:

  • No additional infrastructure costs or headcount
  • Connect to multiple data sources
  • Quick time to value
  • Lower cost of total ownership

Improve collection rates per call

Our Machine Learning as a Service for Genius Risk Classifier runs off our Genius Artificial Intelligence engine.

Genius Risk Classifier
Genius Risk Classifier gives you insights into each of your accounts' probability of settling their debt.

We'll upload your list of accounts to our Genius AI engine to have Genius Risk Classifier segment by likelihood to pay or roll at any given time - allowing you to prioritise accounts and determine which debtors require firm actions and which debtors require soft actions to activate payments.

Pricing is based on a monthly subscription.

Improve your Collection Rates per Call

Improve collection yields by focusing your efforts on calls to debtors most likely to pay.
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