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Collections Assessment


Achieve higher yields from your Collections efforts through our Comprehensive Collections Assessment.

“World Bank data show South Africans are the biggest borrowers in the world, with 86% of the population in debt. The National Credit Regulator says 10.3 million South Africans are finding it difficult to meet their monthly debt repayments.” 8 March 2016, Business Day

With more South Africans finding their ability to meet financial obligations compromised, it has become business critical to ensure your debtors meet their financial commitments with you ahead of other competing institutions.

A Four Week In-Depth Collections Assessment by Principa will facilitate and enhance your probability of getting paid first!

Optimise Your Collections Results

Address declining collection and recovery yields and optimise your collection results.

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We will enhance your capability to improve your collection and recovery yields by thoroughly assessing your strategic and operational framework within a tried and tested framework that covers strategy, people, process and technology disciplines.

Our subject matter experts will conduct an in-depth analysis of the following areas to identify potential areas for improvement and optimisation:

Collections Assessment Process

1. Strategy

  • Review of your business plan and the extent to which your collections and recovery strategy is in support of required Group / Brand strategic and tactical outcomes,
  • Review of your  strategic approach to pre-delinquency, risk segmentation, operational data evaluation, tilted treatment frameworks, rehabilitation options, settlement and compromise strategies, outsourcing, debt sales and legal recovery/litigation,
  • Your ability to measure and track strategy outcomes to facilitate ‘Champion / Challenger’ and ‘Test and Learn’ environments, and
  • Your policy framework and the extent to which it is mirrored in operational execution.

2. Structure and People

  • Structural alignment to strategic and operational intent, and
  • Capacity planning, training and development, personnel rewards and incentive frameworks, job descriptions, performance management processes, etc.

3. Technology

  • Data environment, and
  • Benchmarking of your current technology (including enhancement capability) against best practice collections and recovery platforms with a particular focus on telephony, workflow, scoring, strategy execution capabilities and payment mechanisms.

4. Processes

  • Governance and collections and recovery reporting capability in terms of management information/business intelligence across portfolio, financial and tactical outcomes,
  • Productivity management, including dialler and campaign management outcomes,
  • Vendor / Practitioner accreditation, termination, business allocation criteria,
  • Service Level Agreements and performance management,
  • Trace protocols,
  • Right time to call protocols,
  • Quality Assurance, and
  • Regulatory compliance and reputational risk.

5. Benchmarking

  • Validation of your performance in terms of portfolio penetration, conversion, activation and yield rates, as well as underlying cost to collect/recover.


Upon completion of our in-depth analysis and assessment, our team of subject matter experts will provide you with the following:

A Detailed Report 
highlighting remediation opportunities of a strategic and operational nature, as well as benchmarking your capability against both domestic and global best practice. This report will provide appropriate, detailed recommendations to identify, execute and improve strategy, people, processes and technology outcomes.

A Strategic Roadmap
prioritising a selective list of key initiatives to facilitate progression to an optimal collections and recovery state.

An on-site Presentation
to key business executives to create appropriate context for both our findings and recommendations.


"The results have been astonishing and we are collecting more at less expense since implementing the recommendations and scorecard. Principa has exceeded our expectations."
"Principa demonstrated a tremendous amount of insight into the industry, and assisted us in identifying certain key areas of opportunity within our policies and procedures."
"The experience of Principa provided insights that, once actioned, provided an ROI that can only be classified as exceptional. I have no hesitation in recommending Principa."
"I find their industry and international experience extremely helpful in guiding best practice principals to ensure that we implement effective new generation strategies and processes."

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