Account Management


Lower the cost of account processing with automated decisioning.

Increase profitability with automated decisioning 

The regular processing of accounts can be a costly exercise. However, well designed account management strategies are essential profit drivers within businesses.

Finding a reliable, yet affordable, decision engine is critical. Principa’s hosted account management processing provides automated credit limit offers, authorisations, collections, existing customer marketing and other decision areas.

Services offered

Making the right offers and decisions about the right customers is essential in ensuring you keep and grow your profitable customers and you work out those customers who expose you to more risk and costs.

We offer the following Account Management Processing related services to support your decisions across the credit lifecycle:

  • Scoring
  • Champion / Challenger
  • Unlimited decision keys
  • Decision trees
  • Calculations
  • Custom actions

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Why Principa?

For almost 20 years, Principa credit risk specialists have been providing advisory, analytical and professional service offerings to financial services organisations in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

We keep track of the latest credit industry trends and incorporate industry best practice and lessons learned from our experience with over 150 companies.

Make more profitable decisions

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