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Agent X

Use Artificial Intelligence to deliver powerful data driven decisions to call centre agents.

Give your call centre agents the power of knowledge

Agent X is an Artificial Intelligence driven coaching bot that links your call centre agents with data-driven decisions generated by your existing systems and Principa’s Artificial Intelligence engine, Genius.

Agent X brings together Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, gamification and human behavioral science to not only guide and support agents, but to motivate and inspire high performance via an engaging, dynamic and inuitive interface.

Acting as your call centre agents’ coach, Agent X coaching bot provides your call centre agents with account information and treatment recommendations in an engaging manner to improve call outcomes, and also motivates agents through real time feedback and visualisation.

How Agent X works

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  • Agent X hovers over all applications
  • Intuitive and dynamic dashboard
  • Real-time feedback and visualisation to motivate and support agent performance
  • Product and performance updates, messages and prompts
  • Icons change with real-time data
  • Users can click on icons to display more information
  • Admin dashboard and reporting capabilities provide team leaders and management with constant source of critical performance information

Metrics and data delivered at the moment of truth

Agent X delivers metrics and data at the moment of truth to enable call centre agents to interact with a call in the most effective manner.

Motivate and Reward
Call centre agents can access real-time activity and efficiency stats, e.g. number of calls handled to target and conversion rates
Agent X displays demographic details for each call to enable agents to adjust tone to suite age and gender.
Agents can build on existing relationships by viewing customer or account data during a call, such as how long they've been a customer / account, spend history (items, amount, location), and last call outcome.
Agents can engage more effectively with calls thanks to recommended actions and offers being fed through by Principa's Genius Artificial Intelligence engine. Recommendations such as which product or rate to offer for the best outcome are displayed based on probability projections calculated by Genius.

Technical Specifications

Light integration in the form of API’s is required between the file that sits behind the Agent X coaching bot and the respective input systems, namely, lead source information, account management and / or host along with any other performance monitoring and real-time incentive metrics.

Irrespective of the refresh rates of the source data, our call centre agent coaching bot will pull data on demand via automatic triggers (e.g. dialler) or manual user prompts from front-end systems.

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Principa’s Agent X platform has two main components:

  • The proprietary AI engine (Genius Artificial Intelligence engine ) running seamlessly in the background and agnostic of any operational system;
  • The agent facing module (Agent X coaching bot) and associated infrastructure which is deployed as a “floating” user interface that remains in the foreground “on top” of any case management system.


Low cost to implement and maintain
Minimal integration requirements, Agent X maintains a light technical footprint in your infrastructure

Higher productivity
Agent X motivates agents by delivering real-time performance related data for each agent via a live and dynamic dashboard

Higher yields
Agent X provides agents with real-time treatment / upsell or cross-sell recommendations specific to the customer on the call. Helps agents understand and connect better with customers.

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